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August is our 40th Birthday. Help us turn a 40-year legacy into an 80-year commitment!More

Not a Musical

29 Jul - 20 Sep

Not a Musical is Marc Lottering's latest stand-up show. Lottering is back at the Baxter, fresh from his maiden trip to Thailand. What happens in Phuket, does not stay in Phuket. He has brand new stories to tell, from frantic snorkelling to fashionable depression. More

Wag / Waiting

10 Jul - 13 Jul

‘Wag’ (wait) is a contemporary dance production by Figure of 8 Dance Collective. This production takes an in depth look at the theme of waiting… More


12 Jun - 29 Jun

The Storyteller of Riverlea explores renowned South African author Chris Van Wyk’s influences as a poet, as political activist and writer, his family life and his battle with cancer. The production is an homage to his humor, political values and storytelling abilities, all of which has touched the lives of everyone who has read his work. More

Baxter Dance Festival 2019

31 May

To fill in the online application form, click here.   Celebrating 15 years of dance in the Western Cape, the annual Baxter Dance Festival is now calling for applications for the 2019 festival This year the Baxter Dance Festival celebrates 15 years of showcasing the best of dance in the Western Cape and the organisers […] More


17 Jul - 3 Aug

With the worldwide outbreak of #MeToo disclosures which has seen countless woman breaking the silence on sexual abuse as well as the frequent SA news headlines of our children being raped, abused and murdered, it has been a long time coming for men to take collective ownership of what is a man's issue. More

Coming Soon

Youth to Legends Celebration

24 Jun - 29 Jun
 A musical celebration of our upcoming young talent collaborating with legends in the music industry. A blend of current music and the
Youth to Legends Celebration

The Grass is always

25 Jun - 29 Jun
Two upper crust houses in Cape Town Suburbia. Two stuck up women with “Constantia Mom” accents trying to outdo each other. Two
The Grass is always

Morning Melodies: An Operatic Showcase

26 Jun
A showcase of popular arias and duets from Mozart to Morricone performed by singers of UCT opera school accompanied by their Vocal
Morning Melodies: An Operatic Showcase

Three Little Pigs

1 Jul - 6 Jul
The Lilliput Children’s Theatre Company will be performing one of their most popular shows, THE THREE LITTLE PIGS at the Baxter
Three Little Pigs

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